Service Agreement
Release time: 2021/6/15
1.Special Note
You are welcome to sign this Platform Registration Agreement ("Agreement") and use Tigerlittle together with the operator of Tigerlittle (see "Definitions"). 2.
2. The keywords listed in the index before each Terms of Service are intended only to help you understand the subject matter expressed in the Terms and do not affect or limit the meaning or interpretation of the terms of this Agreement. In order to protect your own rights and interests, we recommend that you read the specific expressions of each clause carefully.
3. [Read carefully] You should read this Agreement carefully before checking and agreeing to this Agreement. Please be sure to read carefully and fully understand the content of each clause, especially the clauses that exclude or limit liability, the application of law and dispute resolution clauses. The clauses that exclude or limit liability are underlined in bold and you should read them with emphasis. If you have any questions about the agreement, you can consult with Tigerlittle customer service. 4.
4. [Signing Actions] When you enter Tigerlittle for the first time and check and agree to this Agreement, or you actually use our platform in any other way allowed by this platform, you have fully understood and agreed to this Agreement.
5. [Protection of Minors] Tigerlittle only agrees to allow adults over the age of 18 with full civil capacity to become our users (minors under the age of 18 must use our Platform through their guardians). If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the consent of your parent or legal guardian before using our Platform and have them create an account through which you can use our Platform with their consent and under their guidance. We will protect the personal information of minors in strict accordance with the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations.
II. Definitions
1. [Tigerlittle] refers to the webp?imageView2/2/format/jpgage registered/developed/operated by Zhejiang Huaqi Information Technology Co. In this Agreement, it is collectively referred to as "Platform" or "Tigerlittle". 2.
2. [Operator] refers to Zhejiang Huaqi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Ltd. or a third party commissioned by Zhejiang Huaqi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
4. [Service Rules] means all the various rules, interpretations, implementation details, process descriptions, announcements, etc. that have been published and subsequently published and changed on Tigerlittle; as well as the introduction and description of specific product pages provided and/or displayed by Tigerlittle. 5.
5. [Commodities] refers to the various types of physical goods/service interests strictly selected by Tigerlittle, i.e. the various types of physical goods/service interests that you can place orders for through the Platform.
6. [Platform Rules] The platform has issued various rules, interpretations, implementation details, process instructions, announcements and other content for users, which you can access through [My-Rules Center].
III. Scope of Agreement
1. [Agreement Composition] This agreement consists of the body of this agreement, the Privacy Protection Policy, the service rules, the platform rules and the page of products provided by Tigerlittle. In order for you to better understand and use our platform, you need to carefully read and comply with the body of this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, the Service Rules, the Platform Rules and the introduction and description of the product pages. 2.
2. [Agreement Update and Supplement] As the services provided by the platform will be increased or updated with the market, and the rapid development of the Internet also puts forward the requirements for the platform to be updated, the terms and conditions set out in this agreement signed between you and the platform cannot completely list and cover all your rights and obligations with the platform, and the existing agreement cannot guarantee full compliance with the future development needs. We have the right to amend this Agreement from time to time in accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and the need to maintain the order of transactions and protect the rights and interests of consumers, and we will post the changed content on the Platform. Once the revised contents are posted on the Platform, they become part of this Agreement and take effect from the time of posting.
3. [Subject Information Adjustment] Under this Agreement, the Operator may change according to the business adjustment of the Platform, and the said adjustment and change will not affect your rights and interests under this Agreement. If you continue to use the platform services after the above changes, you shall be deemed to have agreed to such changes.
IV. Account Registration, Use and Management
1. [User Qualification] You acknowledge that before you start the registration process and use the platform, you shall have the civil capacity appropriate to your behavior as stipulated by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If you do not have the aforementioned civil capacity appropriate to your behavior, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences caused by this in accordance with the law.
2. [Provision of Registration Information] When you use our platform, you should accurately fill in the email address, contact telephone number, contact address, postal code and other contact information necessary to complete the service. If you cannot be contacted through such contact information, resulting in any loss or increase in any cost in the process of using the service, you will be fully and solely responsible. You understand and agree that you are obligated to keep the contact information you provide valid, and that if it changes or needs to be updated, you should change it within a reasonable time (i.e. before you decide to make the next transaction).
3. [Authenticity and legality of registered information] We default that the personal information such as phone number or email address and receiving address bound to your account is authentic, legal and valid. The account name you set and the registration information you fill in should be true and legal, not violate any laws and regulations and regulations of regulatory bodies, not infringe on the interests of any third party, and not violate any social order and morality.
4. [Information Update] If any changes occur in your registration information, you should make corresponding changes to your account information or contact our customer service for information changes at the first time, and we also have the right to verify the authenticity of the information according to the service rules. All consequences of your negligence in fulfilling the above obligations will be borne by you alone.
5. [Account Use] You agree that your registered account will not be transferred, rented to a third party or authorized for use by others in any form. If you violate this section, we may refuse to provide our platform or terminate this agreement as appropriate.
You have the right to log in to Tigerlittle using your account name, cell phone number and password, which you set up and keep by yourself, and we will not ask you to provide your password at any time. We recommend that you keep your personal account password safe and that all actions you take with your account comply with the provisions and requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, do not violate social order and morals, do not harm the legitimate rights and interests of others, and do not violate this Agreement and the relevant rules of the Platform. We are not responsible for any consequences arising from the disclosure of the account password, you should recover from the perpetrator through judicial, administrative and other remedies.
7. [Account Security] If you find anyone unauthorized use of your login name and password, or any other situation that violates this Agreement or the rules of the platform services, you should immediately notify us and first through your binding contact information to avoid or prevent the formation or expansion of the consequences of the infringement; you should assist us to respond to your request within a reasonable time of no more than [2] working days as possible.
8. [Account Actions Liability] You shall not be liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of your own operational errors or the actions of any third party, or for any claim by any third party, or for any penalty imposed by any government department, unless we are legally at fault. If we suffer loss as a result of the above, you shall be liable and bear the costs incurred as a result, including reasonable notary's fees and attorney's fees. Except for the fault of the platform, you shall be responsible for the results of all actions under your account (including but not limited to signing various agreements, posting information, purchasing goods and services and disclosing information online).
V. Intellectual Property Terms
1. our platform contains, including but not limited to, text, images, files, information, materials, website architecture, website materials, web design, etc., are owned by us, our affiliates or our partners in accordance with the law, including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.
2. No one has the right to use, modify, reverse compile, reproduce, publicly transmit, alter, distribute, publish or publicly post any content of our platform without the written consent of us or the owner of the rights. If you violate the foregoing, you will be liable for damages.
VI. Tigerlittle services and specifications
1. Purchase and evaluation of goods / or services
(1) [Order Information] When the goods you purchase from Tigerlittle are physical goods, please be sure to carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, size, restrictive requirements and other important matters of the purchased goods; if the goods you purchase are service rights and interests, please be sure to carefully confirm the rules of use, time limit, use method, whether to support the return and exchange of the purchased goods and other At the same time, you should verify your contact address, telephone number, consignee and other information when you place an order, if you fill in the consignee is not you, the legal consequences of the actions and meanings of the consignee are borne by you.
(2) [Out of stock] Due to market changes and various factors beyond the control of reasonable commercial efforts, it is unavoidable that the goods in the order information you submit are out of stock, incorrectly marked prices and other information; if the goods and/or services you have ordered are in the above situation, you have the right to cancel the order, and the platform also has the right to cancel the order itself, and if you have already paid for it, to process a refund for you.
(3) [Product Limit] The platform will announce the limited quantity of certain products on the page. If you place an order through multiple accounts within a period of time, and the number of individual orders does not exceed the limited quantity of the product, but the actual purchaser is judged to be one person or closely related to you through the receiving address, IP address, contact phone number, consignee, etc., and the total number of multiple orders exceeds the limited quantity of the product, your counterparty has the right to cancel the relevant order. If the total quantity of multiple orders exceeds the limited quantity of the product, your counterparty has the right to cancel the relevant order.
(4) [Virtual Benefits] You may receive two types of virtual benefits at Tigerlittle: The first type is the service benefits you purchase. Based on the nature and characteristics of virtual products, the service benefits you purchase may not be returned or exchanged. The second category is the coupons you obtain by participating in the activities according to the rules announced in advance by Tigerlittle. The coupons have specific rules of use and validity and will be zeroed out after the expiration date; please confirm the validity of the coupons in advance and use them in accordance with the relevant rules of Tigerlittle within the validity date. The platform is not responsible for coupons that are not used in accordance with the relevant rules of Tigerlittle and/or zeroed out after the expiration date.
(5) [Transaction Order] Your purchase behavior should be based on real consumer needs, and there should not be any behavior that disrupts the normal transaction order of Tigerlittle such as malicious purchase of goods and malicious defense of rights. Based on the need to maintain the order of Tigerlittle transactions and transaction security, the platform may take the initiative to perform operations such as closing the relevant transaction orders when the above circumstances are discovered.
(6) Any content uploaded or sent by you through your account using the Platform shall have a legal source, and if the relevant content involves the legitimate rights and interests of any third party, prior permission shall be obtained accordingly. If Tigerlittle receives relevant reports or complaints involving you, Tigerlittle may adopt the methods required or permitted by relevant laws and regulations to provide the relevant disputing parties and relevant departments with the necessary information including the account in order to resolve disputes and disputes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the rightful owner.
2. Transaction dispute processing
(1) [Transaction dispute handling channels] If you have a dispute with other users in the course of Tigerlittle transactions, you or any of the other users shall have the right to choose the following channels to resolve.
a. Independent negotiation with the disputing party.
b. Use the dispute mediation service provided by Tigerlittle.
c. requesting mediation by consumer associations or other legally established mediation organizations
d. to file a complaint with the relevant administrative department
e. request arbitration to the arbitration institution according to the arbitration agreement (if any) reached with the disputing party
f. File a lawsuit with the People's Court.
(2) [Platform Dispute Resolution Service] If you use Tigerlittle's dispute resolution service in accordance with the Tigerlittle Rules, you acknowledge and are willing to perform the mediation decisions made by Tigerlittle's customer service as an independent third party based on the facts of the dispute known to it and in accordance with the Tigerlittle Rules (including adjusting the transaction status of the order in question, determination of payment of all or part of the disputed amount to one or both parties to the transaction, etc.). You may choose to discontinue Tigerlittle's dispute resolution services by choosing to resolve your dispute through (c), (d), (e), or (f) above ("Other Dispute Resolution Options") before Tigerlittle's resolution decision is made. If you are not satisfied with the mediation decision, you still have the right to take other dispute resolution channels to resolve the dispute, but you shall still perform the mediation decision before obtaining a final decision through other dispute resolution channels.
3. User Conduct
Behavior Restrictions] You know and promise that in the process of using Tigerlittle, you shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and shall not engage in or aid or abet others to engage in behavior that violates the provisions of laws and regulations, affects the normal provision of services or harms the legitimate interests of others, including but not limited to
a. using Tigerlittle or related services to engage in acts that violate the prohibitions of national laws and regulations
b. Involvement of the platform in political and public events as a result of the behavior of using Tigerlittle related services.
c. invading Tigerlittle's computer information system or engaging in activities that endanger the security of the computer information network.
d. Unauthorized copying and use of unpublished and unauthorized files on the network. Except for the express consent of the relevant copyright owner, you should not crack, distribute, download or copy software copyrighted by third parties in the network or engage in any other activities that infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
e. stealing information such as another person's Tigerlittle account, bank account number or stealing assets in another person's Tigerlittle account, etc.
f. the use of one or more Tigerlittle accounts by one or more persons in collusion to commit misconduct, including but not limited to: purchasing goods or services, etc., in quantities exceeding normal life consumption needs, placing orders without payment, incomplete payment or choosing to delay shipment, etc., to account for inventory in violation of the law
g. Sending illegal contents, advertisements or spam by means of order receipt information, order notes, messages, evaluations, etc.
  1. Abuse the right to purchase goods or services, evaluate, apply for refund, apply for after-sales service, initiate complaints or claims, etc., to damage the legitimate rights and interests of others or obstruct the order of platform operation, such as: placing false orders, maliciously placing orders on behalf of others, swiping orders, maliciously canceling orders, publishing unfounded malicious evaluations, repeatedly and maliciously making negative evaluations, using the right to evaluate to threaten and extort money from other users and merchants, using Tigerlittle, merchants' faults or mistakes to make malicious claims, malicious complaints, or verbal abuse or personal attacks on the platform, merchants or customer service personnel without any reason.
    i. Seeking benefits, conducting transactions or participating in any activities issued by Tigerlittle or its authorized third parties by violating the legitimate rights and interests of third parties, cheating, disrupting the system, committing cyber attacks, maliciously cashing out, swiping reputation, registering in bulk, registering Tigerlittle accounts by machine, simulating clients by machine, exploiting system failures or loopholes, etc. (e.g. receiving / redeem coupons, conduct lotteries, participate in various promotional activities, etc.).
    j. using the registered Tigerlittle account for profit-making business activities (e.g. wholesale, speculation, resale, etc.) without Tigerlittle's consent
    k. Rejecting goods or refusing to accept services several times within a short period of time not due to the quality of goods or services.
    l. purchase of genuine goods and return of goods that are not sold in the corresponding order of Tigerlittle, substandard goods, fake goods and other acts.
    m. The return of goods or services supplied or sold by the supplier, agent, or seller of the goods or services.
    n. Other acts that interfere with the normal operation or normal trading order of Tigerlittle, violate the principle of fairness or honesty and credit.
    VII. Limitation of Liability
    1. [Force majeure and third party reasons] Our platform performs the basic guarantee obligations in accordance with the law, but we will not bear any liability for breach of contract in case of obstacles to contract performance, defects in performance, delays in performance or changes in performance content due to the following reasons.
    (1) due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters, sudden health public events, strikes, riots, wars, governmental acts, judicial and administrative orders, etc.
    (2) Due to public service factors such as power supply failure, communication network failure or any third party factors.
    (3) In the case that we have made good faith management, due to routine or emergency equipment and system testing, maintenance, upgrading, equipment and system failure, network information and data security and other factors, resulting in the interruption of network services within a reasonable period of time, we will notify in advance in the platform announcement but do not need to take responsibility.
    2. [Limitation of Liability] We have the right to take corresponding measures without any liability if the following circumstances occur.
    (1) If, according to the relevant laws and regulations, we have reasonable grounds to believe that the user's information data, transaction behavior, and other matters related to the situation does not comply with the relevant laws and regulations, we will have the right to conduct a review of the user's data to determine whether the behavior is suspected of being illegal or improper without assuming any responsibility.
    (2) If you are the subject of trade restrictions, sanctions or other laws or rules imposed by any country, international organization or territory, once found, we have the right to freeze your account or take measures permitted by relevant laws and regulations.
    (3) We shall not be liable for any dispute between a third party authorized by us or a third party authorized by you in agreement with us.
    (4) Tigerlittle has the right to restrict or freeze your registered account subject to the provisions of laws and regulations, or upon the request of state authorities, in which case you may not be able to continue to log in or use your account.
    (5) Unless we have intentional or gross negligence, you shall not pursue liability from us, but shall recover from the relevant perpetrators by yourself.
    VIII. Handling measures for breach of contract
    1. You are considered to be in breach of contract if one of the following circumstances occurs.
    (1) Violation of the relevant laws and regulations when using the platform services.
    (2) Violation of Tigerlittle rules (My-Rules Center can be viewed).
    (3) Violation of any of the rules or obligations that you are required to comply with or perform under this Agreement.
    2. If we determine that you are in breach of this Agreement, we shall be entitled to take the following actions.
    (1) immediately delete or block information such as your published comments according to the corresponding rules.
    (2) If your behavior on the platform has adverse effects on us or other users, we may suspend your account, or suspend or even terminate the service provided to you.
    IX. Terms of compensation for damages
    1. If your actions cause us and/or our affiliates to suffer losses (including your own direct economic losses, loss of goodwill and indirect economic losses such as compensation, settlement payments, attorney's fees, litigation costs, etc.), you shall compensate us and/or our affiliates for all the above losses.
    2. If your actions cause us and/or our affiliated companies to suffer the rights claimed by third parties, we and/or our affiliated companies may recover all the losses from you after the obligation to pay money to the third parties.
    X. Anti-Bribery Clause
    1. If you provide our employees or consultants, etc. with benefits in kind, cash, cash equivalents, labor, travel, etc. that are clearly beyond the scope of normal business negotiations, you may be considered to have engaged in commercial bribery. In the event of the above, we may immediately terminate the agreement with you and claim liquidated damages and/or compensation from you, such amount to be calculated based on the economic loss and loss of goodwill suffered by us as a result of your bribery.
    XI. Service of notice
    1. [Effective contact information] You should provide real and effective contact information (including your e-mail address, contact telephone number, contact address, etc.) when you become our registered user, and you are obliged to update the relevant information in a timely manner and maintain the status of being contactable if the contact information is changed.
    2. [Notice] We will send various types of notices to one or more of the contact information provided by you at the time of registration, and the content of such notices may have significant favorable or unfavorable effects on your rights and obligations, so please make sure you pay attention to them in a timely manner. You have the right to obtain commercial information such as product advertisement information and promotional offers that you are interested in through the cell phone number or email address you fill in when registering; if you do not want to receive such information, you have the right to unsubscribe through the corresponding unsubscribe function provided by the platform.
    3. [Service of Notice] We will send you notices through the contact information provided by you at the time of registration, among which written notices sent electronically, including but not limited to sending cell phone text messages to the contact number provided by you, sending emails to the email address provided by you, will be deemed to be delivered upon successful delivery; written notices sent by paper carrier will be deemed to be delivered on the third natural day after delivery of the contact address provided by you. The third natural day shall be deemed to be served. 4.
    4. [Judicial Service Address] You agree that judicial authorities (including but not limited to the People's Court) may serve you with legal documents (including but not limited to litigation documents) by sending cell phone SMS, email or post to the contact information provided by you at the time of registration. The cell phone number or email address you specify to receive legal documents is the cell phone number or email address you provide when registering and updating on our platform, and the judicial authorities shall be deemed to have served legal documents by sending legal documents to the above contact information. The mailing address you specify is the address on your ID card or the valid contact address you provide when registering or shopping on our platform. You agree that the judicial authority may use one or more of the above methods of service to serve you with legal documents, and that service shall be deemed effective whether or not you sign or respond to the service. If you are served by any of the above methods, the time of service shall be the first to be served. You agree that the above methods of service shall apply to all stages of the judicial process. In case of litigation, including but not limited to the first trial, second trial, retrial, enforcement, and supervisory proceedings, etc. You should ensure that the contact information provided is accurate and valid, and should be updated in real time if changes occur. If the legal documents cannot be served or are not served in time because the contact information provided by you is not true and accurate, or you do not inform the changed contact information in time, you shall bear the legal consequences that may arise.
    XII. Termination of Agreement
    1. You have the right to terminate this Agreement by any of the following means.
    (1) You may terminate this Agreement by actively canceling your account by contacting Tigerlittle Customer Service.
    (2) If this Agreement is changed and you expressly do not want to accept the change and stop using it.
    (3) You expressly do not wish to provide and voluntarily or request the deletion of information necessary to achieve a business function, which results in the objective non-achievement of that business function and the material termination of this Agreement.
    2. We may terminate this Agreement by notifying you at your account contact information if.
    (1) You breach this Agreement and we terminate this Agreement pursuant to the breach clause.
    (2) The phone number or email address you provided does not exist or cannot receive the verification code, and there is no other way to contact you; or the Platform notifies you of a change of phone number or email address by other contact information, and you do not see a response within three business days after the notification is sent.
    (3) Your violation of this Agreement or the rules of the Platform, which we consider to be of such severity as to affect our goodwill or the interests of other users of the Platform.
    (4) Other circumstances that we believe should terminate the service.
    3. Upon termination of this Agreement, we will have no obligation to disclose any information in your account to you or a third party designated by you, except as expressly provided by law.
    After the termination of this Agreement, you may apply to cancel your Tigerlittle account, and we will complete the audit of your account cancellation after your application, and after the audit is approved, we will delete or anonymize your personal information in accordance with the regulations.
    5. After the termination of this Agreement, we will unilaterally decide whether to close the transaction orders generated by you during the duration of this Agreement, depending on the order processing process; if the performance of the transaction orders can no longer be intercepted, you shall continue to perform the agreement of this Agreement and the transaction orders in respect of such transaction orders and bear any losses or any increased costs arising therefrom.
    6. Upon termination of this Agreement, we shall continue to have the right to.
    (1) to continue to retain your transaction information, browsing access records and other information retained by Tigerlittle.
    (2) For your past breaches, we can still hold you responsible for the breach under this Agreement. These terms and conditions shall have independent legal effect and shall not be affected by the termination of this Agreement.
    XIII. Legal Jurisdiction and Application
    1. [Application of Law] The laws of the People's Republic of China shall apply to the conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, amendment, supplement, termination, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement; if there is no relevant provision in the law, reference shall be made to commercial practices and/or industry practices.
    2. [Jurisdiction] Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be settled by friendly negotiation between the parties; if it cannot be settled by negotiation, either party may appeal to the Jiaxing New Area People's Court.
    XIV. Effective Date of Agreement
    We publish this Agreement in Tigerlittle, and this Agreement shall take effect from the date of publication.