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Forging rudder stock for vessel systerm

Min. Order: 1
Payment: TT/LC
Minimum Order: 1
Delivery: according to the order
Origin: China
Packing: shipping packing
Inspection: -
Samples: Charge
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    1,Product: steel casting stern tube for shipbuilding parts

    2,Various size of heavy forging workpieces

    3,Standards: ASTM, ASME, DIN, SIS ,GB, EURONORM

    4,Certification: ISO9001: 2000 ,GL,CCS,ABS,LR,BV,DNV,NK,KR

    5,Materials: Carbon, stainless steel ,alloy steel,etc

    6,Delivery Status: N + T+Q (Normalizing +Tempering+Quenching)

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    OEM : no
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