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Min. Order: 100
Payments: T/T
Delivery: AS ORDER
Origin: CHINA
Packing: AS ORDER
Inspection: AS ORDER
Samples: Charge
Sample Price: $1.00
Remarks: The price is a matter of negotiation.We can produce any size and mould as your requires.
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    1. We are a factory producing in the plastic industry for 17 years,
         located in Changzhou City that nearby Shanghai in CHINA.
    2. Building slab formwork (replace cement slab) and building box (building padding) 
        which can reduce the costs of building construction materials,
        plastic parts for autos, air conditioners, any plastic parts for various machines 
        repairing tool kits, etc. 
    3. We accept customization,OEM,ODM. 
        Size, color, shape,logo,brand can be cusotmized.
    4. Cheap Factory Price is suitable for your market competity.

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