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hot-sale oem metal perfume caps suppier

Min. Order: 1
Payment: T/T
Minimum Order: 10000
Delivery: By sea/ air customized
Origin: Dongguan
Packing: Carton box
Inspection: -
Sample Price: $0.50
Remarks: Professional lids bottle caps & closures
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    1. Subject: Bottom price professional custom perfume bottle cover

    3. Material: Zinc alloy

    4. Logo: embossed, debossed, printing as you like.

    5. Color: Any color you want.

    6. MOQ: 10,000 pcs

    9. Feature: Non-Refillable

    10. Samples free, freight collects.


    1. Usually used for luxury brand perfume

    2. Optional sizes according to your capacity of perfume bottle

    Applications: Used for perfume bottle

    Packing: Standard safe export carton

    Lead time: 25-30 days.

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    OEM : no
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