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anti theft dropper cap for essential oil bottle

Min. Order: 1
Payment: T/T western union
Minimum Order: 30000pcs
Delivery: 30days against payment
Origin: China
Packing: export standard cartons, pallets
Inspection: -
Samples: Free
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    1,Item:anti-theft cap with dropper

    2, material: plastic, aluminium

    4,for essential oil bottle

    5,high quality with best price

    6,safe packing, fast delivery
    Product Feature
    Advantage of glass packing container

    1,Glass container is provided with good barrier property, which can protect the stuff from being oxidized and can also prevent the volatile constituent of the stuff from volatilizing.

    2, The circulation utilization of Glass container helps to save packing cost.

    3, It can make the color and transparency of the glass transformed easily. Various in shapes. Many kinds of fabrication processing can be done on the surface of glass, such as, silk screen printing, hot stamping, acid etch engraving and so on.

    4, Glass container is safe and healthy, with good anti-corrosion capability keeps the stuff inside fresh. It is a good choice for packing acidic materials, for example, juice beverage etc.

    5,Furthermore, glass container is suitable for auto-filling lines, which can save time and the labor force.
    Application / Models
    we supply wine glass bottle, juice glass bottle,food glass jar.

    and essential oil glass bottle, perfume glass bottle,

    cosmetic glass jar and so on for personal care industry use

    We have cooperated cap factories
    Other Information
    Xuzhou Reliable Glass Packing Products is located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of glass packing products . We have our own independent pressing, blowing, full automatic control, semiautomatic control, and hand control production lines.

    We can also offer some surface handing services, such as, acid wash, coating, spray printing, high and low temperatures screen printing, hot stamping, decorating.

    With a group of specialized scientific researchers, skilled workers, and trading staffers,Sticking to spirit of customer first, We can design, manufacture, process new shape bottles according to the customers' specific request in the shortest time. Our quality inspectors inspect productions carefully and strictly.

    With best quality and reasonable price, our products enjoy high reputation at home and abroad.

    We look forward to working with you!
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