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The high and low voltage switchgears

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    The high and low voltage switchgears structure is simple and easy to operate. Have full-featured and strong protection function
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    Tiantong enterprise is composed by Shenyang Tiantong Electricity Co. Ltd, Shenyang Tiantong Power Co., Shenyang Tiantong Environmental Protection Energy Engineering Co. Ltd and Shenyang Tiantong Calo Heating Equipment Co., Ltd, which is a specialized electrical equipment production enterprise. The company floor area is 24000 square meters and occupies land area about 100 Chinese acres, has about 420 staffs, there are about more than 30% personnel who are engineer and technicians. The equipment used for production is more than hundred. Nowadays, the company is a strong producer in the industry with advanced technology and equipment.

    The company had been successively awarded u201cAAA Credit, Contract-stressing Promise-keeping Enterpriseu201d by Liaoning Committee of Credit Grade. The products passed GB/TI9002 1994-ISO9002: 1994 stander issued by CQM-QCC and GB/TI9001-2000IDTISO9001: 2000 stander in 2002.

    Our main products are Low-consumption power transformers, dry type transformers, special transformers; ZBW (XBW) Cubic-type Sub-stations; High Low Voltage Switch Boards; Transformer used tanks; Transformer used radiators; Heating equipments.

    Factory Address

    No.219 Yingchun St, Sujiatun Dist,Shenyang Liaoning Province, P.R.China 110101

    Marketing Center

    Room 807, 1st Building, Hua Fu Tian Di, No. 7-1 Tuanjie Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang, LiaoNing, P.R.China 110013

    Tel: +86 24 8980 8899

    +86 24 8980 8833 

    +86 24 8980 7733 

    Fax: +86 24 8980 8555


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