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Chargeable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Min. Order: 1
Payment: Western Union,T/T,Money Gram
Minimum Order: 10 pcs
Delivery: About 2 - 3 weeks
Origin: China Shenzhen
Packing: Standard export package
Inspection: -
Remarks: OEM/ODM service
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    Product Details
    Product Description
    wireless bluetooth keyboard

    1)Elegant appearance


    3)Connect via Bluetooth to iMac, PC,

    Smartphone, iPhone/iPad,
    Product Feature
    Carry way:on the travel bag,computer bag or in the car.

    Battery indicator:4 LED lights display battery.

    Charging Method:Use the original power adapter by adding charging adapter to give direct charge of the product.

    Applicable equipment:to give all the device with USB charging,such as mobile phones,PSP,IPOD,IPHONE.IPAD,MP4,PMP,GPS,Bluetooth,digital cameras.

    Discharge display:long press the power button,4 LED lights flash at the same time for 3 times then long bright.then charge for all devices with USB charging.

    Product Specification / Models
    Output:9V/1.5A 5V/1A


    Capacity:10000mAh Lithium-polymer battery

    Charging time:8-10 hours

    Working temperature:-10-40'C

    Storage and carry temperature:-20 -- 50'C



    Application / Models
    Desktop.Laptop ,Tablet PC,Cellphone,digital products with 5V,9V
    Other Information
    Insert the bluetooth receiver into the USB interface of the corresponding computer.

    . After properly connected,usually,the computer will install some driver files automatically,then it can be used normally.

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