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SF6 Load Break Switch

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    SF6 LBS(F)1, an indoor high-voltage SF6 load break switch with the rated voltage up to 24kV, is adopted with SF6 gas as an arc-extinguishing and insulation medium, including the three contactors for switching-on, switching-off and to-ground, and is characteristic in its small volume, its convenient installation and operation, and its the great adaptability with surroundings.

    SF6 load break switch and SF6 load break switch fuse combination can function to protect and control the electric equipments for power supply and transformer substations especially being suitable for ring net cabinet, cable branch cabinet and distribution switching substation.

    SF6 load break switch and SF6 load break switch fuse combination are in conformity with the standards of GB3804-1990,IEC60256-1(1997),GB16926,IEC60420 etc.,

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