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led driver PVA-12040M003

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    40W lighting transformer use in guardrail lamp,flood light,underwater lamp,street lamp,high power 1W/3W spot lamp,underground lamp,high power flood lamp,reading lamp,indoor lamp, outdoor lamp,LED fence protecting rope,rainbow rope, light strip,etc. Product reference:Model: PVA-12040M003;Input voltage:170-250v;Working frequency:50/60Hz;Output voltage:12u00b10.5V;Output Current:3.3A;Output power:30W;Working Temp:-25-50;Certification:CE/ROHS;Portecion grade:IP67. Product figure:size:200x35x22mmcase material: AluminumWire requirement: Input white wire, Output brown"+"blue"-". Characteristics of product:High efficiency,save energy,environment friendlyHigh stability and low ripple, increase light efficiency and decrease light attenuationAssure LED stability long lift and light efficiency by constant voltageIntegrity protection,over loading over voltage over current2 years warrantyCertifications for CE(EMC+LVD) & ROHS
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    Model: PVA-12040M003;Input voltage:170-250v;Working frequency:40/60Hz;Output voltage:12u00b10.5V;Output Current:3.3A;Output power:30W;Working Temp:-25-50;Certification:CE/ROHS;Portecion grade:IP67.
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